Monday, 15 April 2013

Rene Furterer: Groupon Voucher

Rene Furterer have been on my to try list for a couple of years. From their non-existance (except in Sasa) in Malaysia till the opening of their own saloon at Pavillion, I have yet to make an actual move as spending few hundred on hair treatment is really not within my budget.

Till I stumble upon the word "Rene Furterer" at Groupon Site, my mind went excited a bit, as I read further, It's RM 38 for a basic scalp treatment at Pavillion. Because travelling all the way down to Pavillion seems troublesome, after hessitating a day or two, finally I hit the "BUY IT" button!

Once I received the voucher, I quickly made an appointment to utilize the voucher :)

Upon arriving the shop, I was lead to a consultation room where they zoom in to my scalp to take a look at the condition. overall it was quite healthy except that it's very oily.

On the fringe part of my scalp I scratched quite a bit and resulting the red patches in the photo below.

After that the staff explained to me to cure my problem, there is another more intensive treatment. But I can try on the voucher treatment first before deciding. No hard selling but more of informing.

After that, I was lead into a private room (even though it's a voucher deal, the treatment was not done at the common area).

Before we begin, the staff explain that the treatment would start off with a neck massage to activate the blood flow for better result.
Following the neck massage was the scalp massage. After that he put some tonic onto my scalp and continue with the massage again. It was very relaxing as it's a scalp massage and not the usual scalp scrubbing by some of the saloon.

This is how my hair looks like after putting the tonic/ serum. Then I had to wait for about 20mins for the tonic to work its charm.

Following that was the washing session where he use Rene Furterer's shampoo and conditioner and follow by a simple blow dry for my hair.

As part of the deal, I was given a trial kit which consist of shampoo, conditioner and a leave in mask.

It's definately a very good experience at Rene Furterer, after the treatment, I felt that my scalp is really clean and best of all there's a citrus smell lingering my hair for 2 days. I can even smell the citrus scent on the subsequent night.

And I am already planning my next visit to Rene Furterer. Oh yah, and after browsing their price list, the treatment was quite affordable with the basic treatment start from around RM80. I think I could make use of that :)

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Disappointing Dim Sum (Prince Hotel, Tai Zi Heen)

I have went on a series dieting mode since late last year. And have been keeping myself away from food indulgence. But as time goes by, my glutton self is getting impatient and constantly giving me cravings! The latest cravings was Dim Sum.

Been thinking about it for few weeks, so HECK, just give it a go!! Eat first and diet later. And upon surfing around the blogsphere, I have shortlisted 2 places. Oriental Pavillion at Jaya 33 (based on previous good experience) or Prince Hotel, Tai Zi Heen (based on my favourite food blogger recommendation). And I have decided for the later as they are currently running a Dim Sum buffet at RM45++ and the price would work out the same for both, so why not give it a try rite?

* the buffet dim sim menu*

The dim sum really doesn't worth my effort of breaking the diet routine!! Nothing to shout about for this Dim Sum at Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel. (In fact the a-la carte version and the buffet version is about the same? As the offerings were the same).I reckon that the popular Dim Sum Chain - "Jing Xuan" quality might be better than them! Alrite, it's unfair to compare them because one is a Hotel Dim Sum (Halal) and another one is a non halal version. Okay, to give you an idea of why I say so, let's try to compare apple to apple - the Porridge. Frankly I feel like throwing the porridge to the dustbin. They call it century egg porridge and how they did it was --  first they cook a pot of plain porridge (and thicken with starch? Coz when it's cold the thick white porridge turn into very watery), scoup it into the bowl and then add in some low quality century egg (when bitting on century egg, you don't taste anything at all)  and serve!!!! Frankly I just could understand how a Chinese Restaurant in a Hotel could serve this type porridge!!! I have never tasted anything as bad as this!

** If you happen to be there, I strongly suggest you NOT to order this, unless you are into plain porridge

As for Har Kao, the no name stall around your neighborhood could do better than them. Their prawn tasted strangely weird, crunchy, juicy but you don't really taste the sweetness of a prawn. On the other hand their Siu Mai were fairly okay as it's a chicken version of the siu mai. To be fair, their har kau tasted Alright, average.

Fried stuff are generally better as they serve it pipping hot from the Kitchen. But you can't be just ordering the fried stuff for a dim sum session rite?

Egg tart were okay, but the presentation is worse than the roadside dim sum stall. *shake head*

Worse, they add in a lot MSG in the dim sum that I was feeling very thirsty for the remaining whole day!

The only thing that is worth my stomach quota is their Mango Pudding, but paying Rm45++ just for the pudding? I'm sure u can get better ones out there.

After this I am totally disappointed with my well trusted food blogger. Perhaps is was a paid review and that's why the blogger did not warn the reader about the food quality? Or perhaps the quality have dropped tremendously?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

How was your Vday celebrations?

During our early days of dating, I look forward to Vday with a hint of worry and anxious. Why? Because no matter how well it goes, both of us (my now hub then bf) would always end up quarreling This lasted for 6-7 years. All due to some stupid reasons that I could not remember.

Our first Vday celebrations, he brought me to the Halo Cafe (海螺餐厅) for some local live singing and we joined a small contest including some impromptu acting that I think we won 2nd :) I still keep the chocolates till few years back. I think that year we ended up arguing for don't know what as well.

Normally on Vday, he will buy me roses. Though I have told him not to waste the money but he insist on buying me some. Yes, he is a romantic guys. Sometimes he would buy extra for his mom, his sisters and my mom as well! Very thoughtful ya?

This year's valentine, he is working. So he didn't go get me flowers :) Maybe he overlooked? Or maybe he is bored with my not too excited expression in the previous years when receiving the flowers? But he did suggest to have a cozy dine our for dinner. I remember I cooked him a simple valentine's dinner and I did offer to re-create that dinner. But he insisted to dine out. As to where.... I really have no idea but he did suggest 1U so the whole afternoon I was thinking to go where for dinner. FYI, we are not too fancy with the Valentine SET dinner. To avoid those, maybe go for Sashimi? Ramen? Fast Food?

Fast forward till dinner time, as he is stuck in the traffic, I asked him what shall we eat for dinner and suggested Ramen, and he gave me a funny face. And suddenly la table came into my mind so I suggested and he happily nod his head. Cool!! After parking, we just head straight to La Table.

"Hi, Can we have a table for 2"
"Oh Hi, Good Evening, Do you have a reservation?"
*Looking around the place, not that full what, y need reservation?*
"Got, got reservation, Table for 2, under Chew" Out of no where, he replied.

I smiled at him as I thought he is trying to tease the waitress.

Then the waitress checked the list and put a tick on the reserve list - Chew X2 pax then only I realise he indeed made a reservation for it?!

Frankly I am touched, happy and felt very warm by his little gesture. If i remember correctly he had never made any Vday reservations :)

And needless to say, we ended the day with a lovely dinner, no quarrel! :)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Long weekend~

I had a very busy weekend as CNY approaches, there are extra chores to do before we celebrate the festival, and Spring cleaning is part of it.

Over the weekend, Mr Sunny is very co-operative so I quickly wash the curtain, cushion cover, mattress, floor matt... etc etc On top of that I still have my usual vacum, mop, wash, and the almost forgetting IRON clothes. With all these, I am dead tired by late afternoon and no mood to cook as well. (Plus I don't want to mess up with the kitchen that I just mopped! Shhhh)

Solution? Manja Dear Hub to dine out! hahahhha 10 tried 10 successful!

So on last Sat, after a tiring day, we revisit this new place inside Isetan Eat Paradise - Tonkatsu by Mia Maison. We arrived early (almost 6pm) so the place is not crowded yet. We are seated promptly and handed the menu to read.

Mainly pork is served here, hence the cute lil piggy :)

After we have decided, we looked around and found that few of the waitress were here and there and no one actually to my hand wave until I manage to catch an eye contact from the chef in the kitchen and he signal a waitress to come get out orders. Hmmmm service is not as prompt as the first visit, maybe because the Japanese Boss is not around so the staff slack a bit? Well never mind, this is nothing major, just close eyes.

As we are both very hungry, we order 2 sets for both of us! Dear Hub doesn't like to share when he is hungry!

I ordered the Rosu Katsu Set (Deep Fried Pork Loin)

and Dear Hub remain his choice and order the Mameton Set again. Mameton set is more like a combo set which few of each item - Deep Fried Prawn, Pork Loin and Pork Fillet. Ang this is also the only set that comes with a small ramen.

And feeling adventurous, Dear Hub ask if I want to try their fried Oyster, (CNY is just 2 weeks away!!) but I'm not keen so he ordered one piece to try. Yes, good thing about them is that some item like fried oyster or fried prawn can be ordered in single piece, good for those who just want to have some variety.

All the set comes with rice, tonjiru (grated dashi) and cabbage. And you can choose to have white or multi grain rice. Needless to ask, we opted for the more healthier Multi Grain Rice.

The order arrived in a reasonable time (we have to spare some time for them to fried the stuff rite? :))

This is my Rosu Katsu Set

160g worth of Pork Loin!! Sinful Sinful!!

Dear Hub's Mameton Set, look at the mustard at the side, does it reminds you of anything? hahahhaha

The fried Oyster

Oh yah, when you are here, do remember to check out this weird UFO, it's a sesame grinder actually, and I am wondering where can I find this little gadjet here in Malaysia. Maybe I can ask the staff on my next visit? The grinded sesame really lifted the boring rice to a whole new level!

Their portion is quite big and even Dear Hub cannot finish his serving (because I gave half of my portion to him already) So he decided to just tapao the rest as his bed time snack! To my surprised, they even top up on the cabbage salad and pack the salad dressing on a separate container for us!! Waow, I am very impressed about this! Not many restaurant will care about giving you the dressing needed for the food.

Total bill came up to about 70++ with the GST & Service Tax.
Currently Isetan Eat Paradise is running a promo, if you spent more than RM28 excluding gst & tax, you will be entitle for a spint of fortune!

Lucky star shine upon us that evening and we got ourselves RM15 worth of food Voucher (there's another shy shy RM5 voucher hiding underneath)

My POV: This place is worth a visit, but provided you don't feel heaty nor having fever, cough nor sore throat as this place's menu consist 90% of deep fried stuff :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A fussy wife

I was on strike last nite for not cooking dinner as I was just too tired and the fridge is kinda empty. (Was too busy shopping over the weekend and forgot to replenish stock, so this strike will go on for few days.. heheh)
Dear Hub was very understanding and suggested to dine out. What to eat? Of course my favourite Japanese food! So we just hop on to his car and off we go to Paradigm Mall for Sushi Zanmai.

Why Zanmai? Coz their price is alright for the quality and quantity of food and it won't burn DH's wallet with a big hole. We were quite hungry and we ordered sashimisalad, salmon sashimi, oyster carpacio, mentai sushi and unadon.

After a while, the first to arrive - Unadon 0_o

I was rolling my eyes towards DH, I think he can telepathy what I think and quickly ask the waiter where is the salad. I just feel very strange to eat rice first then only salad. Arrghhhh This is a Japanese restaurant, don't they know on how to arrange the sequence on what to serve first and what should be later?

After Unadon, our salad reached our table (we were half finishing the unadon already! Nope, we were taking our own sweet time on the don as we still feel like having the fresh item first)

Then the oyster carpacio arrived. The oyster is kinda small but for the price of RM6.80, I can't expect that much rite?

Then the mentai suhi came

After everything, our salmon sashimi arrived finally!!! I really don't understand, how could the the sashimi chef slower than those preparing the don? And it's really a different feeling when you have eaten all cooked stuff then only go for raw food!! Really not a good experience!

And look at the pathetic tiny lemon slice that accompanied the salmon, Frankly I don't know the purpose of the lemon, to make it more appealing and appetizing?

All in all the food were okay, just that I am not that okay. I still don't like to be served rice before the sashimi & salad. But DH just said "Don't be too fussy" :PP

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A forgetful wife!

I am a very forgetful wife!

As usual, I was very excited to go home last Friday to kick start the weekend with dear Hub. As usual I just quickly pack and dump everything into the bag and off I go to start the weekend! After some mad rush and a lovely dinner, both of us were lazying around watching TV and playing with phones. Suddenly, I jump up and scream that gave a bit of a shock to dear Hub and quickly asked what happened!

Apparently I left my phone charger in the office!!!! Arrghhhhhhhhhh it's kinda impossible for the phone to last thru the weekend without any charging!!! After tossing out everything in the bag, I certified that the charger is left in office (where I last charged). Then in my mind I start cursing the phone designer team on changing the connector, if not I can charge using the old phone charger.

"Tomorrow, when you go shopping with Mummy, go and get another cable, ON ME" he mention this in a cool tone. And then he walk up to reach for his purse and gave me RM100. In my mind I am still thinking if I should get or not, because that cable would cost RM70, and it's kinda costly for a stupid cable rite? But he re-insisted... Just go and get it at Machines when you go shopping at Mid Valley tomorrow okay? Don't buy the pirated ones, get the original~ Of course I must reward him with a big hug and kisses rite?

Somehow I went to KLCC on sat instead. So sun morning, after his usual jog, he told me he wanted to go Mid Valley and we can get the cable there!! Yay!!!

Thanks Dear :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013


When I reached home last night, beside the usual bear hug I got from hub, I was also welcome by a "pouty" sexy lips!! Oh no, that's a sign of heatiness! And before I'm able to put down my bag, hub is already complaining that he he is feeling the heatiness coming out from his body resulting in the red sexy pouty lips!

*DING* I can use this to experiment with the new kitchen gadjet that I about online a while back. So I quickly search through the fridge and find myself an apple, chinese honey dates & lin zhi. I shall put all ingredient in the pot and make a soup stew for hub to reduce the heatiness

This is new pot that I bought, mini and compact

Comes with digital display and equip with few cooking options - Steam, Fast Stew, Slow Stew & Keep Warm



And served immediately!!

This round I use the Fast Stew option and the automated cooking time is 2 hours, which I think is quite sufficient. After 2 hours, even the Lin Zhi is also soft n melt in the mouth!! I'm definately gonna try more recipes with  this new gadjet!

Recipe (Adapted from various sources to suit my limited ingredients)

1 Red apple - Peeled and quartered (There were some findings saying you should include the skin as well, but I am lazy and didn't do a pre-wash on the apple so i just peel & quartered the apple)
1 handful of Lin Zhi
1 handful of Dried Sea Coconut - aka Kon Hoi Dai Ye
1 Honey Dates - aka Mat Zhou
1 bowl of water
Double boil for 2 hours