Monday, 15 April 2013

Rene Furterer: Groupon Voucher

Rene Furterer have been on my to try list for a couple of years. From their non-existance (except in Sasa) in Malaysia till the opening of their own saloon at Pavillion, I have yet to make an actual move as spending few hundred on hair treatment is really not within my budget.

Till I stumble upon the word "Rene Furterer" at Groupon Site, my mind went excited a bit, as I read further, It's RM 38 for a basic scalp treatment at Pavillion. Because travelling all the way down to Pavillion seems troublesome, after hessitating a day or two, finally I hit the "BUY IT" button!

Once I received the voucher, I quickly made an appointment to utilize the voucher :)

Upon arriving the shop, I was lead to a consultation room where they zoom in to my scalp to take a look at the condition. overall it was quite healthy except that it's very oily.

On the fringe part of my scalp I scratched quite a bit and resulting the red patches in the photo below.

After that the staff explained to me to cure my problem, there is another more intensive treatment. But I can try on the voucher treatment first before deciding. No hard selling but more of informing.

After that, I was lead into a private room (even though it's a voucher deal, the treatment was not done at the common area).

Before we begin, the staff explain that the treatment would start off with a neck massage to activate the blood flow for better result.
Following the neck massage was the scalp massage. After that he put some tonic onto my scalp and continue with the massage again. It was very relaxing as it's a scalp massage and not the usual scalp scrubbing by some of the saloon.

This is how my hair looks like after putting the tonic/ serum. Then I had to wait for about 20mins for the tonic to work its charm.

Following that was the washing session where he use Rene Furterer's shampoo and conditioner and follow by a simple blow dry for my hair.

As part of the deal, I was given a trial kit which consist of shampoo, conditioner and a leave in mask.

It's definately a very good experience at Rene Furterer, after the treatment, I felt that my scalp is really clean and best of all there's a citrus smell lingering my hair for 2 days. I can even smell the citrus scent on the subsequent night.

And I am already planning my next visit to Rene Furterer. Oh yah, and after browsing their price list, the treatment was quite affordable with the basic treatment start from around RM80. I think I could make use of that :)